Trick or Treat! This month’s Bubbler is a cauldron full of hot new developments in employment law …  the NYC Salary History law is now in effect … California followed suit and its salary history law will take effect on January 1, 2018, just after Delaware and just before Massachusetts … Employers in New York are preparing to implement the new Paid Family Leave law, joining California, New Jersey and Rhode Island as the fourth state to provide this paid leave through employee-paid payroll taxes … The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the class action waiver case … the NYC Council passed a bill to expand the Earned Sick Time Act … and the Third Circuit cited to a Harry Potter novel in an FLSA decision.


When it comes to California non-competes, you can never get enough clarity.  And when that clarity comes from a Delaware Chancery Court, it adds a utility element that our corporate brethren appreciate.

Ascension Insurance Holdings, LLC v. Underwood involved a pretty straightforward scenario: a Delaware limited liability company purchased certain assets and goodwill from an insurance company partially owned by Robert Underwood – a California resident.  Even though the LLC did business exclusively in California, the transaction documents called for the choice of Delaware law.  Given that Delaware enforces choice of law clauses and California permits non-competes when someone sells their equity interests, game over, right?

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