employment practices and policies

Join us on Tuesday, May 16 for the final installment of our Entrepreneur Series in partnership with the University of San Diego. In the third session, “Employment & Litigation Avoidance,” panelists, including speakers from The Honor Foundation, Fairway Technologies, Patriot List and Mintz Levin, will discuss the nuts and bolts of workforce management and provide advice for structuring your business to avoid making mistakes that may result in litigation.

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One of the questions clients frequently pose to me is how to make employment policies uniform across the different states where their employees work.  Now it seems to me that this is a most appropriate question in this day and age: as our economy grows increasingly national (and international) through technological advances, a mobile workforce and the “gig” economy, the days of a single brick and mortar headquarters-employing-all are growing few and far between. Adding to this mix is the very necessary and good business practice of publishing, applying and administering consistent employment policies in a very-heavily regulated employment world (you know who you are California employers ….).  So what is a multi-state employer to do?

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