This morning Punxsutawney Phil told us that we are facing six more weeks of winter.  Great.  We thought it served as a good opportunity to remind employers of the importance of establishing inclement weather policies that are compliant with wage and hour laws for both exempt and non-exempt employees.  Here is a quick, yet helpful, Q&A for your reading pleasure:

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Winter Storm Advisory JunoSo it’s going to snow a lot today and tomorrow. A lot. A potential blizzard. Some say this could be one of the biggest snowstorms ever to hit the East Coast. More than a foot of snow is expected in Manhattan, up to two feet out on Long Island, and maybe more than two feet in and around Boston. This means closed schools, downed power lines, impassable streets, and even travel bans, which also means that employers will have to decide whether to close their doors early this evening and whether to open up their doors tomorrow (and/or Wednesday). As we’ve written about before, in making those decisions, employers must account for their obligations to comply with federal, state, and local wage and hour laws.

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